Allo Apps Studio was founded by Raki Bench and Jennifer Glover, a powerhouse husband and wife team and “digital nomad” couple, that currently call Thailand home.  They have a team of remote staff focused on various elements of developing fun, mobile Apps.

Raki is the driving force behind the games apps and marketing strategy.  And let’s face it, he’s the risk-taker that put this company on the map.  Jennifer focuses on the travel apps and has a sole hand in the publication of the stunning, Digital Nomad Travel Magazine.
Raki’s getting around in the industry
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In case you want to dig a little deeper into our backgrounds…

First, what is a digital nomad? For us, it’s a lifestyle.  The ability to live and work anywhere, regardless of location, thanks to digital technology.  Combining our entrepreneurial efforts with online projects allows a location-independent style of living – nomads in a digital world.

Back to us…

Raki Bench – Internet Addict & Moroccan on the Move

A fun-loving guy with a bit of the Moroccan charm and humor, he always felt uneasy in the office environment and despised waking up early.  His strong desire to free himself from the 9-5 job constraints and make his own career, without boundaries, drove him to a constant search for online business propositions. Building a strong background in internet marketing, he started to focus on the potential of the Internet and mobile applications.

Raki was also lured by the appeal of the exploding realm of mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.  When he merged this desire to be on the move with the budding prospects in app development, Digital Nomad Travel Magazine was born.

From there, in between his Muay Thai boxing training sessions, things moved pretty quickly for Raki as he turned his focus to games and production of apps on a larger scale – say hello to Allo Apps!

Jennifer Glover – DNTM Managing Editor, Small town girl gone international

Originally from Canada, her path is tricky to follow. From growing up in rural Ontario, hours from anything urban, to living in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, to big city life in London, UK before moving to tropical Thailand.  Staying in one place for too long has always made her a bit restless.
She’s now lucky enough to combine all of her education and work experience into a lifestyle, traveling while teaching online and spreading the love of travel through the magazine. She currently spends her days planning the next magazine destination and finding people whose travel experiences and photography will light up the pages of the magazine for their readers.